httptunnelを使ってproxy server(apache使用)を越える(ことはできなかった)

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Proxy Hacks – Final. HTTPTunnel. Tunnel TCP / IP connections over ...に書かれているように、GNU HttptunnelportableHTTPTunnel (Perl/php based)。
GNU Httptunnelで試した。
1。まず、Proxy serverを介さずに接続
 リモート側: hts -F localhost:23 8888
 ローカル側: htc -F 2323 192.168.0.XXX:8888
これで、ローカルで、telnet 2323 localhostでリモート(192.168.0.XXX)につながる
2。Proxy server(192.168.0.YYYポートは80)を経由した接続は
 リモート側: hts -F localhost:23 8888
 ローカル側: htc -F 2323 -P 192.168.0.YYY:80 192.168.0.XXX:8888
   参考:上記記事(Proxy Hacks)の議論の中
Mark Says:
March 9, 2008 at 4:56 am

After weeks of banging on this as well as I know how, I’ve concluded that neither http tunnel product described here can be made to work with the proxy server I’m trying to tunnel through. It’s an Apache server; so given the report I mentioned above about Gnu HTTP Tunnel not working with Apache proxies, with the exact failure mode I’m seeing, I strongly suspect that neither of these products can be made to work with Apache proxy servers. Given that Apache is the most popular web server by far, that’s very unfortunate.

The details of what I discovered can be found here:

Unfortunately the forum site for HTTPTunnel seems to be dead. Other than me, no one has posted since Jan 30. The site doesn’t show how many views each thread has, so I don’t know if anyone is even lurking on the site.

It’s too bad I couldn’t make this work. I’ll send an e-mail to the HTTPTunnel author, as a last resort.


Poor man's HTTP VPN « \1にhttptunnlとsocatを組み合わせてVPNを作る方法が書かれているが試してない。
VPN through only http - Server Faultによれば、OpenVPNで可能。sshを使いたいだけなら、corkscrewの方が簡単そう。というわけで次はcorkscrewを試す。