VirtualBox Guest Additions were installed.

Post date: 2011/09/12 22:55:21

You need to enable the vboxguest startscript to load the kernel module and

vboxservice to use host time synchronization.



You also have to add all X11 users that want to use any of the additional

features (clipboard sharing, window scaling) to the wheel group.

% pw groupmod wheel -m jerry

Reboot the machine to load the needed kernel modules.

For detailed informations please visit


===> Registering installation for virtualbox-ose-additions-4.0.12


This port has installed the following files which may act as network

servers and may therefore pose a remote security risk to the system.


This port has installed the following startup scripts which may cause

these network services to be started at boot time.



If there are vulnerabilities in these programs there may be a security

risk to the system. FreeBSD makes no guarantee about the security of

ports included in the Ports Collection. Please type 'make deinstall'

to deinstall the port if this is a concern.

For more information, and contact details about the security

status of this software, see the following webpage: